NASA Discovers an Asteroid Filled With Enough Gold to Make Every Human a Trillionaire

As astonishing as it may seem, NASA may have discovered an asteroid filled with gold. According to International Business Times, NASA discovered this asteroid, called Psyche 16, between Mars and Jupiter.

Reports are that this celestial body is mainly composed of solid metals, such as gold, platinum, nickel, and iron.

An asteroid that could be a boon for the entire Earth?

The quantities of these metals could be so great that ‘if they were brought to planet Earth, every inhabitant would be rich and all economic problems would be solved.’

This asteroid is estimated at more than ‘£700 quintillion, or in other words, £93 trillion per inhabitant on Earth.’

How was this asteroid discovered?

According to Curioctopus, this asteroid was discovered in 1852 by Italian astronomer Annibale De Gasparis. However, it is NASA who evaluated the economic potential of this asteroid.

The space agency has apparently decided to undertake a mission, called the Discovery Mission, to the celestial body, with the intention of reaching it in 2026. Rest assured, no mining is planned: the mission will be carried out for purely scientific purposes.

Asteroids near Earth?

Asteroids seem to be a part of our daily lives now. Just earlier this month, NASA announced that an asteroid was approaching Earth. Fortunately, this asteroid was being monitored and posed no danger to the planet Earth.



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